Sarawak Entrepreneur Association (SEA) Women’s Wing Christmas Appreciation Charity for the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) for Intellectually and Physically Disabled Young Adults

The Sarawak Entrepreneur Association (SEA) Women’s Wing is organising a Christmas Appreciation Charity activity this December 2015. The beneficiary to this charity is the COMMUNITY BASED REHABILITATION (CBR) Centre which was created in year 1992 under SOCIAL WELFARE COUNCIL OF SARAWAK.

The Community Based Rehabilitation Centre (CBR) main objective is for the training and rehabilitation for the intellectually and physically disabled young adults from the age of 18 and above.

This year, SEA had identified the Community Based Rehabilitation Centre (CBR) as an entity which is under privilege group that needs financial aids from the public and business community. At the present, the centre has a total of 238 registered members while its current premises located at Jalan Bisayah, Off Jalan Ong Tiang Swee, Kuching can only accommodate a maximum of 48 members.

This Christmas Appreciation Charity activity is undertaken by SEA women’s wing to assist the centre to create public awareness and to raise charity donation from public and business community. There will be a Christmas Appreciation Luncheon on 20th December 2015 from 11am to 2pm at The Serenity Court, ground floor of Crown Tower, Kuching. Donors to this Christmas Appreciation Charity will be invited to celebrate Christmas Appreciation luncheon called “CARE WITH LOVE” with the members of CBR. There will be a Talent shows and Christmas song presentations by the members of this intellectually disabled from CBR centre.

The Sarawak Entrepreneur Association (SEA) is seeking generous contributions from the members of public and business community to this Christmas Charity project organised by its women’s wing to the members of Community Based Rehabilitation Centre. For further information please log on to or contact Ms Amy Lim, Public Relation Committee at 016-8860222.

ACE Press Conferences Meeting

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SEA Weekly Breakfast Gathering




Sarawak Entrepreneur Association AGM Meeting 2015

Sarawak Entrepreneur Association AGM meeting has been held at Fame College at 14/5/15 and successful forming the 2015-2016 new working committee ! Our vision will be transforming the Sarawak into one of the most dynamic economic in the ASEAN! Lets do it together!





SPARK Workshop on Innopreneurship

A workshop on Innopreneurship has been held at Boutique Hotel, Kuching on 26 – 27 March 2015. This event was organized by University Community Transformation Centre (UCTC) and Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) with the cooperation from Sarawak Entrepreneur Association (SEA) and Jaringan Usahawan Mahasiswa Sarawak (JUMS).







The even have attracts numbers of local entrepreneur in Sarawak. Here some of the participants feedbacks:

My perspective towards entrepreneur is different now. Being in this 2 days workshop has made me to think more wiser n more wider. Thought that there is no such group like this exist to assist ppl like me to develop n to enhance my business.

I wont never miss any opportunity like this organized by SEA in the future. Do update me for any upcoming event, seminar and workshop please. Thanks!
– Ms Nelly

I foresee that SEA definitely will grow better in near future, there is lots of potential n possibility that we can expand and grow. All the best Ya

– Mr Eric Tan

Personal experience and sincere feedback for your reference. Keep up the good works and truly thanks all committee for the invitation to attend the event.

The facilitators and the team have shown a marvelous entrepreneurship in driving the success of this event.

A very encouraging milestone and event to SEA, and to the wannabe and startup. Keep the ball rolls and improve in the next event. Sharing by Mr. Robert Lau is short, straightforward and into my heart as a typical businessman, though the route to entrepreneurship is still far from sight.

Sharing by Mr. Chan for the creation of new ecosystem through entrepreneurship (maybe to SEA as well) is very challenging with the need to enhance the existing ecosystem in order to balance the legacy and ensure sustainability.

A new ecosystem that overlook the needs and expectations of existing local entrepreneurs may tends to sway easily soon or later, as there may potentially lack of participation of experienced members, which resulted in lacking of sharing and transfer of practical ventures in entrepreneurship to the newbie. Some sessions are academically appraised. Suggest to identify and inform the members in advance and split the sessions to have a more effective result, if it also meant to attract more new members. “

– Mr Chew (Trenocon Sdn. Bhd.)